The air cooler is one of the cheap electrical appliances used for cooling in summer. It is said that many people buy this air cooler without an air conditioner. What is the air cooler? Why do many people buy this electrical appliance to cool down? Let me introduce you to the cold air Machines and the comparison of air coolers and air conditioners.
1. What is an air cooler?
Air coolers are also called air-conditioning fans and water-cooled air conditioners. They were mainly used in commercial places in the early days, and are now used in households called air-conditioning fans. Air-conditioning fans can become a kind of household air coolers.
How does the air cooler cool and cool? The air cooler is based on the principle of evaporative cooling. Water will absorb heat during the evaporation process, while the air-conditioning fan uses water, fans and ice crystals to achieve the purpose of cooling. In the air, the heat in the air will absorb the cold air, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling the indoor air.
2. Which is better than an air cooler or an air conditioner?
In terms of actual use comfort, it must be air conditioning. Air conditioning is a direct cooling method to cool the room. It can cool the room without ventilation, and the air will not be so humid, and the human body will be more comfortable.
The air cooler (cold fan) is a way of blowing cold air, which requires the help of ice crystals, water and wind. This can cool the temperature, but at the same time, it will also increase the indoor air humidity. If the indoor sealing is better, the indoor air will be very humid. Air coolers are generally suitable for indoor ventilation, high temperature in summer, and no air conditioners to quickly cool down a household appliance, so in terms of comfort, it cannot be compared with air conditioners.
But the air cooler also has its own advantages, that is, the price is cheap, and the location can be moved at any time. If any room needs to be cooled, the air cooler can be moved to the room that needs to be cooled. For owners, the air cooler is still a good choice
3. Can air coolers replace air conditioners?
The air cooler is a kind of household appliance with a very suitable cost performance, but its comfort cannot be compared with that of the air conditioner, although it is cheap, consumes less power, and can even humidify the air. However, its comfort cannot be compared with that of an air conditioner, and it needs to add water and ice crystals, so this air cooler definitely cannot replace the air conditioner. The air cooler is just a supplementary home appliance product for the air conditioner.

NPC Commercial Type Air Cooler

1、High efficiency staggered fin pattern design

2、Special sine wave fin design for better heat transfer

3、ternal grooved copper tube for higher heat exchanger efficiency

4、Specific fan motor for low temp, application, high air volume & air throw

5、Optimized air flow for unit cooler face area to reach max. capacity

6、ptimized circuiting design for refrigerant fully evaporating

7、Imported brand e-heaters applied for e-defrost type

8、Casing with white coating for corrosion protection

9、Robust,state-of-the-art sheet metal design and sscasing is available

10、Easy moving design of side cover for easy maintenance

11、 4-7mm fin Spacing optional for different application

12、Dual fin spacing design is available for minimize frost

13、 Specific unit cooler is available for special application

14、ual drain tray design to avoid water condensation

15、Hot gas defrost is available for coils of some models

16、Distributor support to avoid unexpected vibration

17、Special "Floating Tube" design for large unit cooler

18、Air jet for longer air throw is available for certain models Robust, state-of-the-art sheet metal design and SS casing is available