Before installing the freezer, all parts need to be inspected. To avoid losing parts during transportation. If it is finally determined that it is the responsibility of the manufacturer, it is necessary to reissue, and then if the transportation company has a problem and the parts are lost, the transportation company should be responsible for it according to the agreement. Because there are several ways people buy a freezer now, some are through online shopping platforms. Maybe everyone thinks that the online shopping platform is very convenient for buying things, and it can compare prices with the same quality, and choose the one with higher cost performance. Because the seller and many of us are not in the same area. Therefore, we need to use express or other means of transportation to deliver to us.



The existing freezer is basically the design structure of the freezer with many different parts, which is relatively complicated. What should be paid attention to during the installation of the freezer? During the installation of the freezer, be sure to check whether the entire device will be damaged. Before installing the freezer, we ensure that the installation site is level. If the height is uneven, the use of the refrigerator will make a lot of noise. During the installation process, they must ensure that their horizontal height is all within 6.4 mm, and can withstand the operating weight of a certain unit.

If it is a large industrial refrigerator, special equipment is also needed, so in most cases like industrial machines, it is not recommended that you buy directly from the Internet, you can contact the manufacturer, because it involves a after-sales problem, purchase It will be good to directly contact the freezer and the manufacturer, and solve the problem in a timely manner, eliminating our worries.