Cause Analysis of Insufficient Heat in Condenser
1. Air is not exhausted. The ducted process is not designed into the body of the ducted condenser. Shell type process high point bleed valve, affecting heat exchange function. In the early stages of operation, feed water to the system and bleed air occasionally during operation to minimize the effect of air on the heat exchange of the system.
2. There is scaling phenomenon. Due to the reduction of the heat exchange coefficient, the heat exchange efficiency is greatly reduced, so the heat exchange efficiency of the equipment has a great impact.
3. The amount of steam is insufficient. In the heat exchange system, due to the limitation of installation conditions, the steam metering device uses a vortex flowmeter, which does not meet the installation requirements of the steam metering device, and cannot obtain accurate data on the amount of steam entering the tube condenser.
4. The waterway is blocked. Blockage of the waterway will reduce the circulating water volume of the equipment, resulting in a large temperature difference between the water outlet and the inflow water of the equipment. The pressure difference is large and the drainage temperature is high.
5. Poor hydrophobicity. For the phenomenon of poor drainage of condensed water during the operation of the pipeline condenser, the water level in the equipment often reaches the height limit, and the drain should open the bypass, otherwise the water level will rise, and the steam pressure on the steam side will rise, causing the safety valve on the steam side of the thermal equipment heater to jump. 

BF-HVDK Serial Air-Cooled Condenser

Features of the Products

1.Adopt high technology in thermdynamics,combined the water condenser,cooling tower,recycle pump,as well as the connection is well designed,energy and water safty, large heat exhange,smart structure.small sized.

2.On the basis of the traditional condenser,this product develops new copper tube instead of the iron makes the overall appearance more smart,and more light, decreasing the transport and install fee.

3.The frame is good quality galvanized sheet.And painted with staticelectronic could be errosion-proof.

4.The recycle pump is with characterstics of small power,large flow,low noise.

5.the water distribution system adopt the PVC plastic structure.the distributor is with large flow,spray evenly,long life.

6.The frame of the axial fan is Alumium alloy.and the blade is strongthen Nylon. It is with a feature of high air-flow pressure,large flow,low noise,stable.