Cooling tower maintenance at high temperatures
1. Pay attention to the water supply of the closed cooling tower in summer

In summer, the temperature rises, and the evaporation of spray water is slightly higher than that in winter. Regularly check the water tank and replenish the water.
2.Check the sprinkler cloth

The closed cooling tower generally uses sprinkler to distribute water. If the nozzles in the cooling tower are partially blocked or the nozzles are dropped, it will cause uneven water distribution. Avoiding dry spots and regularly checking the water distribution of the sprinkler is very important for the cooling tower.
3.Clean the air inlet / outlet of the equipment

For long-term outdoor operation of the device, regular maintenance is required to check the air inlet / outlet, and clear the blocked area of ​​the air inlet / outlet.
4.Damage of packing

Common problems with packing are scaling and aging. Generally, cooling towers that have been used for many years will have the problem of damage to the filler. If the filler is damaged in a large area, it will affect the temperature of the spray water, resulting in a cooling effect. The service life of closed cooling tower packing is generally 7-8 years, and all are produced using raw materials. The above problems are minimal, and the aging packing must be replaced.

Rainy season, cooling tower maintenance

Closed cooling towers, because some of them are used in the open air, rainwater will inevitably enter the cooling tower's spray circulating water in the rainy season. Rainwater is mixed with medium sulfur and carbon, and falling into a closed cooling tower will cause acidification of the water.

The acidified cooling circulating water circulates in the closed cooling tower, and its corrosion rate is 5 times that of the normal service life.

In case of heavy rain, it is recommended to replace the spray water to prevent the coil from being corroded by rain.

If there is less rainwater mixed into the closed cooling tower, you can use the method of dosing for water quality treatment to neutralize the water quality.