Experimental test equipment usually includes high and low temperature tests, thermal shock tests and other tests involving large temperature differences and complex environmental conditions. The heat dissipation of the equipment must be completed by professional equipment, and the refrigeration equipment is one of the fixed basic equipment.

The experimental test box of the research institute project needs Refrigeration Equipmenton the water cycle to take away the heat generated by the experiment, and the refrigeration equipment with excellent cooling and performance has become the equipment intention of the other party.

Air-cooled chiller is a type of chiller. The air-cooled chiller cools the water at room temperature to a certain temperature through the compressor to enhance the cooling of the mold or machine. The radiator, as a stand-alone unit, is a built-in fan. There are mainly three interconnected systems: refrigerant circulation system, water circulation system, and electrical automatic control system.

The air-cooled scroll refrigerator absorbs advanced and modern technology at home and abroad, with excellent quality and beautiful appearance. It has good performance, low noise, adjusts according to the load, automatically alternates operation, extends the life of the unit, the unit is assembled with imported parts, and the intelligent PLC, PC computer control system helps us to supervise and remotely control the cooler, and the overall air-cooled chiller It has the characteristics of simple operation, adjustable time, low failure rate and high safety.

Applied in laboratory testing equipment, it can stably realize the process cooling treatment of heating test equipment, ensure that the equipment runs within the temperature range required by the design, and exerts good energy-saving and cooling effects during quarterly and throughout the year.