After the industrial chiller runs for a long time, the compressor is prone to the problem of excessive exhaust temperature. If this happens, the performance and cooling effect of the industrial chiller will decline.
So how should the chiller reduce the exhaust temperature after encountering this situation? Next, follow the chiller manufacturer to see the solution.
1. Increase the water flow of industrial cold water cooling towers and water tanks. The cooling water flow of cooling water towers and water tanks can transfer heat and take away heat. If the exhaust temperature is too high, you can try to increase the cooling water flow to maintain a stable cooling temperature;
2. Reduce the exhaust temperature of the compressor in the industrial chiller;
3. Make good use of the chiller of the industrial chiller. The exhaust temperature of different types of chillers is different. If the exhaust temperature is too high, the refrigerant can be used to reduce the temperature.

Semi-Hermetic Industrial Chiller


The working conditions of assembly unit under nominal refrigerating effect and power: condensing temperature 50℃, inlet water temperature +12℃, outlet water temperature +7℃

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