There are two common solutions for the auxiliary function of the fresh air ventilator in the fresh air system:
1) Add a humidifier to the fresh air outlet of the fresh air fan, which is integrated with the fresh air fan to achieve an integrated design.
2) The humidifier is used as a separate installation component, also called a duct humidifier or humidification section. It is installed in the appropriate position of the fresh air supply duct according to the needs, and the installation position is more flexible.
The humidification usually uses electric heating, so that the water evaporates in the pipe and becomes water vapor and is sent out with the fresh air.
2. Auxiliary heating
There are two situations in which the fresh air ventilator uses auxiliary heating.
1) Increase the temperature of the fresh air entering the room to achieve the effect of indoor comfort, which is often used in the cold season in the north. 2) Defrosting the heat exchange core. When the outdoor temperature is extremely low, such as -30°C, the cold and hot gas will produce condensed water when passing through the heat exchange core. If the temperature continues to decrease, the heat exchange core will be frosted and the air passage will be blocked. In order to defrost quickly, use auxiliary electric heating on the new fan, close the outdoor air intake for a short time, and open the internal circulation mode, which can defrost well.
3. Fresh air bypass
For fresh air ventilators with heat recovery, heat recovery is sometimes not required, and heat recovery can have the opposite effect. For example, at night in summer, when the outdoor temperature is lower than the indoor temperature, the outdoor air bypasses the heat recovery core and enters the room directly, which can make the room cool faster.
pass to achieve.
4. Air circulation
When there is no activity indoors for a long time, there is no need to continuously introduce outdoor fresh air. At this time, the indoor air can be repeatedly circulated and purified, and the fresh air ventilator will automatically stop running when the set target is reached. The benefit of this is
Achieve maximum energy savings.