The difference depends on: the principle is different. The effect is different. The category is different.
1. The principle is different: the principle of the full-heat fresh air ventilator: based on the use of machinery and equipment to send fresh air to the house on one side of the closed room, and then exhaust from the machinery and equipment to the outside from the other side, so as to achieve fresh air ventilation in the room must. The principle of total heat exchanger: When the product is working, when the exhaust air and fresh air in the room flow through the heat exchanger activated carbon fiber in a positive way, because the gas on both sides of the gas sub-baffle has a temperature difference and a water vapor partial pressure difference, resulting in total heat Exchange the whole process.
2. The functions are different: the full-heat fresh air ventilator is mainly suitable for air filtration in the room. Natural ventilation, using the outdoor air to upgrade the gas in the room that is destroyed due to the whole process of life and daily life, to ensure the cleanliness of the indoor environment The temperature reaches the low level of a certain total hot fresh air ventilator. The energy consumption level of the total heat exchanger reduces the load of the air-conditioning unit, reasonably solves the difference between improving the indoor environment quality and the air-conditioning power supply, and has an irreplaceable effect in the environmental protection and energy-saving industry of the air-conditioning unit.
3. Different types are classified: Total heat fresh air ventilator can be divided into: single side flow total heat fresh air ventilator. Double flow total heat fresh air ventilator. Ground exhaust system software pipeline total heat fresh air ventilator. Single full-heat fresh air ventilator; full-heat network switch can be divided into: rotary full heat exchanger. Tube-fin full heat exchanger.