If the refrigeration unit is abnormal, the heat will not be discharged, and it will be shut down in severe cases. The following is the analysis of the reasons for the poor refrigeration effect of the refrigeration unit with friends in the industry.

The working principle of the refrigerator is that the gas phase refrigerant Semi-Hermetic Compressor is compressed into high temperature and high pressure gas in the compressor, and then enters the condenser. The refrigerant releases heat and condenses into liquid. After the high pressure liquid refrigerant is removed from the water by the dryer, it passes through the expansion valve joint. The flow is reduced in pressure to become low-pressure wet vapor, and then enters the evaporator to absorb heat and vaporize into low-pressure gas, and the low-pressure gas enters the compressor to form a cycle.

It can be seen from the principle that the reasons affecting the refrigerator are related to the compressor, condenser, expansion valve and evaporator. In the refrigerant cycle, the oil-water separator is also a factor that affects the cooling effect. under
If the refrigerating unit is running and the inlet pressure is low and the equipment shuts down, if the amount of refrigerant is sufficient, the expansion valve will be blocked or frozen, causing the refrigerant to fail to enter the evaporator, and the inlet pressure will be low and an alarm will be shut down. And by checking whether there are impurities in the filter element of the dryer, it can be judged whether it is a failure of the expansion valve.

Improper overheating of the expansion valve will also affect the abnormal response of the unit. For example, the adjustment screw elementary school will cause less refrigerant to enter the evaporator, resulting in low pressure and poor cooling effect.