Are industrial air coolers easy to use? Why use industrial air coolers for cooling and ventilation? With the arrival of hot and dry summer, the sultry environment of the workshop gradually becomes more and more sultry and dull, which seriously affects the working state and work mood of employees under this situation, resulting in a sharp decline in the productivity and operation ability of the workshop, and even When the job cannot be completed normally. In this case, the use of traditional equipment for cooling cannot achieve the desired effect, and it is more appropriate to use an industrial air cooler.

Industrial air coolers are also called environmentally friendly air conditioners. According to the core cooling component "natural multi-layer corrugated plant fiber polymer", it uses the physical phenomenon of "water evaporation absorbs heat, and the evaporation area affects the evaporation efficiency" to cool down. Air is supplied to the room through the fan of the industrial air cooler. After the outdoor fresh air is humidified by the water curtain, it absorbs the sensible heat of the air, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling, ventilation and dust removal to increase the oxygen content of the indoor air. It is very suitable for areas with high traffic flow.

Compared with traditional equipment, industrial air coolers, in the same situation and under the same conditions, the input cost of installing industrial air coolers is only 1/5 of the input cost of traditional equipment. In addition, the power consumption of industrial air coolers is relatively low. Each device only needs 1 kWh of electricity per hour. Under the same area, using industrial cold air and traditional equipment, the energy consumption of industrial air coolers is only in traditional equipment. Therefore, it is very suitable to choose cooling and ventilation equipment and use a good industrial air cooler.

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