The difference between a fully enclosed cold storage compressor


The difference between a fully enclosed cold storage co […]

The difference between a fully enclosed cold storage compressor and a semi-closed cold storage compressor is whether the compressor and the motor are integrated or separated.
The fully enclosed compressor and the motor used together share a main shaft in the casing, so that the shaft sealing device can be eliminated, reducing the possibility of leakage.
Advantages: The compressor and motor are housed in a casing Box-Type Units welded by welding or brazing, sharing a main shaft, which eliminates the shaft sealing device and greatly reduces and reduces the size and weight of the entire compressor. Only the exhaust pipe, process pipe and other (such as spray pipe) necessary pipes, input power terminals and compressor brackets are welded to the outer surface of the casing.
Disadvantages: It is not easy to open the repair. The fully enclosed structure is generally used in small-volume refrigeration compressors for mass production.
Semi-hermetic compressor
Advantages: 1. It can adapt to a wide range of pressure and cooling capacity; 2. High thermal efficiency, less power consumption per unit, especially the presence of gas valve makes it more obvious when running away from design conditions; 3. For materials Low requirements, more use of ordinary steel materials, processing is relatively easy, the cost is relatively low; 4, the technology is relatively mature, accumulated rich experience in production and use; 5, the device system is relatively simple.
At present, the market is mainly semi-closed piston type cold storage compressors, especially in the range of medium and small cooling capacity, becoming the most widely used type of refrigeration machine and the largest production batch.