The heat pump unit is an ambient temperature control device that provides a combination of heating and cooling for the surrounding buildings. At the same time, its noise is also very powerful, the heat pump unit equipment noise can reach more than 90 decibels, causing serious pollution to the surrounding environment. After heat treatment by the heat pump unit, the sound during the day is 55 decibels and 45 decibels at night.

The use of a soundproof cover to integrally isolate the heat pump unit can effectively reduce the noise of the heat pump unit. At the same time, the materials are used in the heat pump room. In order to avoid the noise leakage in the pump room, the wall is equipped with sound-absorbing materials. The roof adopts sound-absorbing ceiling and replacement of sound-proof windows and doors to ensure the sound-insulating effect in the pump room.

The vibration of the compressor of the heat pump unit causes low-frequency noise, which is transmitted to the surroundings in the form of solid propagating. By installing the damper under the heat pump unit and using the floating floor in the pump room, the transmission of vibration noise can be effectively reduced.

The heat pump pipeline is sound-damped and vibration-reducing. The heat pump operation will cause the pipeline to resonate. The soft joint and the spring bracket and the spring damper are used. At the same time, the sound-insulating material is used for wrapping outside the pipeline, which can effectively avoid the resonance problem of the pump house wall caused by the pipeline vibration.

The sound insulation treatment of the heat pump unit is to control the noise of the entire heat pump unit by sound insulation treatment for each noise source, and to ensure that the noise of the heat pump unit cannot affect the surrounding area.