The Water Cooled Evaporator is a type of air conditioning which is used in residential as well as industrial areas. It is known to be the most cost effective way of cool the water from the system. The process is done by changing the existing water into vapor form and condensing it, after that, it will be reconditioned back to its original state. This unit has been designed to run quietly while consuming very less energy. It also helps in increasing the efficiency of the cooling systems.

The term 'Water Cooled Evaporator' usually refers to any type of refrigerant evaporator. However, it does not mean that all refrigerants are classified under this category. There is a distinction between the classifications of Water Cooled Evaporator and the other refrigerants, which are known as 'Passive Refrigerant', 'aughty Refrigerant' or 'Passive coolers'. A passive evaporator depends upon its capacity to transfer heat from one area to another; on the other hand, an active evaporator depends upon its ability to carry out evaporation.

'Water Cooled' refers to the process where the refrigerant passes through a series of steps before being condensed. It starts with the extraction of heat from the refrigerant through a compressor. After that, the heated liquid passes through a pre-chill system which helps in purifying it and ensures that the final temperature is maintained before it enters the evaporator. As mentioned earlier, there is a difference between Water Cooled Evaporator and a passive evaporator.

A 'passive' evaporator only requires a low cooling load because it does not require the pumping of coolant to maintain its operation. It uses Freon or refrigerant gas to achieve its low cooling load condition. The refrigerant cools the condenser coils through convection and also reduces the amount of gas condensation. Water Cooled Evaporator is a special type of air-cooled evaporator used for cooling only one or two refrigeration lines at a time. This is because in such set ups the condenser coils do not require pumping.

'Water Cooled' or 'Passive' evaporator is similar to the passive evaporator but has a cooling load required by the owner or user. In case of Water Cooled Evaporator the refrigerant flows through a low pressure booster before reaching the condenser coils. Once the condenser is loaded with cool water, the booster kicks in to raise the cool water pressure making the refrigerant to move through the evaporator coils. As water flows through the evaporator, unwanted heat is extracted from it and transferred to the cool surface of the condenser.

This system is very similar to a chilled stock evaporator where the refrigerant is moved through a small gap between two layers of the same material. But in case of Water Cooled Evaporator the refrigerant is moved by a pump. 'Chilled' refers to the fact that the refrigerant is chilled, 'cooled' refers to it being heated to remove unwanted heat. In case of the Water Cooled Evaporator the refrigerant is cooled in a compressor.