The working principle of the air source heat pump is that the refrigerant is used as the heat medium in winter, and the heat energy is absorbed in the air. The heat energy of the low temperature is raised to the high temperature heat energy by the compressor, and the heating system circulates the water.
In the summer, the refrigerant is used as a refrigerant to absorb the cold in the air, and the heat energy at the high temperature is reduced to the low-temperature cold energy by the compressor, and the refrigeration system circulates the water.
The scroll refrigeration compressor is formed by the interlocking of the moving and stationary scrolls of two double-function equation lines. During the operation of suction, compression and exhaust, the static plate is fixed on the frame, and the moving plate is driven by the eccentric shaft and is restricted by the anti-rotation mechanism, and rotates around the center of the base circle of the static disk with a small radius.
The gas is sucked into the periphery of the static disk through the air filter. As the eccentric shaft rotates, the gas is gradually compressed in the compression chamber formed by the dynamic and static disk, and then continuously sent out from the axial hole of the central part of the static disk. .

Absorption refrigeration uses natural water or ammonia as a refrigerant, and is harmless to the environment and the ozone layer;
With thermal energy as the driving energy, in addition to the heat energy generated by boiler steam and fuel, low-grade heat energy such as waste heat, waste heat and solar energy can be utilized, and the dual purpose of cooling and heating (heating) can be realized in the same unit.