It is very important to ensure the smooth operation of the air-cooled refrigeration unit. Refrigeration units with poor stability will have a variety of small problems. After a period of time, either the place is broken or the place is broken. There, its life span will also be shortened, and various accidents will cause the cost of refrigeration units to rise. So in the operation process of the refrigeration unit, one of the factors that affect the stability of the operation of the air-cooled refrigeration unit is the ambient air texture.

The requirements of the air-cooled refrigeration unit for the ambient air texture are particularly high. There can be no more dust in the operating environment. If there is more dust, it will definitely affect the safe and smooth operation of the refrigeration unit. No, it has a lot to do with the environment.

Semi-Hermetic Compressor Water-Cooled Condensing Unit

Although the air-cooled refrigeration unit has relatively high requirements on the ambient air texture, this does not mean that it is very delicate, it can still perform well in harsh environments, such as in a lack of water source environment, lack of water source environment It is not possible to use water-cooled refrigeration units, but air-cooled refrigeration units can meet the needs of enterprises for low-temperature environments in the absence of water sources, and low-temperature environments have lasting stability.

Another feature of the air-cooled refrigeration unit is energy saving, because of its low condensation temperature. Another advantage is that the cooling energy efficiency is higher, and in high temperature environments, the cooling efficiency is better. Another is the air-cooled refrigeration unit, which has the characteristics of simple installation and small footprint, and in the course of adoption, there is little dirt generation, and it is particularly good to clean if there is little dirt. If you want to make the air-cooled refrigeration unit run smoothly, you must do a good job of cleaning and maintenance.