In the production process of modern industrial machinery, a large amount of heat will be generated, and precise temperature control is the main factor that promotes productivity and product quality. Therefore, it is necessary to use a chiller to provide low-temperature cooling water to cool down to maintain the production of machinery, which is conducive to improving product quality and increasing profits.

Shanghai Tianfeng chiller manufacturer has launched a series of newly designed industrial chillers, providing comprehensive services to minimize the production cost of each manufacturer, and can be widely used in various industries. For example, in the plastic industry, the plastics, blister, and cold water Chiller function can shorten the mold opening cycle and accelerate the product shape, so that the product does not deform and shrink, and can also improve the surface finish and increase the perspective rate.
In the electroplating industry, the chiller helps stabilize the metal and non-metal ions, so that the metal ions can be quickly attached to electricity, which not only increases the density and smoothness, but also reduces the number of electroplating and improves productivity.
In the chemical industry, chillers can help quickly recycle various chemicals, reduce waste and save money.
In addition, it is also suitable for chemical industry, hardware industry, food industry, bleaching and dyeing industry, fish farming industry, sauna cold bath, central air conditioning, etc.

In terms of price, the total cost of air cooling is less than that of water cooling. No need to consider the area of ​​the machine room, no need to consider the installation and operation costs of cooling towers and water pumps, and no professional maintenance and management. It is suitable for water-scarce areas or places with limited equipment room area.
In terms of installation, water cooling needs to be incorporated into the cooling tower before it can be used, while air cooling is mobile and requires no other assistance. However, air-cooled chillers only rely on fans to dissipate heat and have certain requirements on the environment: such as ventilation, humidity, and temperature not higher than 40. ℃, air pH value, etc.