Air-cooled condenser selection calculation mainly refers to the specification parameters of the carrier room and the size of the selected refrigeration unit. The condenser model needs to be calculated according to the engineering experience in addition to the sample selection provided by the condenser manufacturer.

Industrial air conditioning is a systematic solution. In addition to important accessories such as condensers and compressors, there are thousands of small devices, large and small. The choice of these devices is also extremely important. We are all amazed at the spirit of German craftsmanship. The essence of each is that every detail is carefully crafted. Every place is treated with seriousness and dedication. Slow work and fine work have made it an example in industrial history.

For example, the calculation of the condenser of the direct expansion air conditioning unit for cold storage: when the storage height is 2.5 to 3 meters, the ratio of the evaporation area to the warehouse area of ​​the cold storage air cooler group with the library temperature between minus five and five degrees is 2:1 to 4:1, evaporation The heat flux of the air cooler group is about 100 to 150 kcal/h.m2. (The heat transfer coefficient k is taken as 10, and when the temperature difference is 10, the air volume per square meter of the air cooler is 80 to 120 cubic meters). Air-cooled condensers and water-cooled condensers are commonly used in small refrigerators, and chillers are used in cold stores. The oncoming wind speed of a general air-cooled condenser is v=1.5-2.5 m/s, and the heat flux is 250 kcal/m2 (heat transfer coefficient 20-30 kcal/m2.h.°C, Δt=10-15 °C). In the library temperature -15 °C frozen storage cold storage with a cold load per cubic meter with 250kcal / h, the wind speed of 0. 25 ~ 0. 3m / s, the ratio of the evaporation area of ​​the cooling fan group to the warehouse area is 1:1 ~ 1. 8 :1. The condenser heat load is 1.5 times the condenser cold load (condenser load factor). The product is 240m3, and according to the cooling load of 100kal/h per cubic volume, the cold load of the cold storage is 24000kcal/h. The cold storage of the warehouse is, for example, the storage area is 80m2, the height is 3m, and the temperature is required to be 5°C~ -5°C, the standard cooling capacity of the refrigeration unit is 30,000kcal/h, the heat load of the condenser is 37200 kcal/h, and the air-cooled condenser of 72 (21600w/set) square meters is used. The air volume of the condenser is 6000m3×4. It was originally configured as two 80-square-meter chiller units, and four 80-square-meter chiller units were used to increase the cooling capacity. When calculating the cooling area of ​​the air-cooled condenser, directly use the cooling equipment load / 250 = condenser cooling area.

General cooling reference formula: compressor cooling capacity + compressor electric power × 1.1 = cold condensing unit cooling capacity.