1. Fully enclosed screw compressor:
The body adopts a high-quality, low-porosity cast iron structure with small thermal deformation; the body adopts a double-walled structure with an internal exhaust channel, which has high strength and good noise reduction effect; the internal and external forces of the body are basically balanced, no open, semi-closed Withstands the risk of high pressure; the housing is of steel construction, high strength, beautiful appearance and light weight. The vertical structure is adopted, and the compressor occupies a small area, which is conducive to the arrangement of multiple heads of the chiller; the lower bearing is immersed in the oil tank, and the bearing is well lubricated; the axial force of the rotor is reduced by 50% compared with the semi-closed and open type (the motor shaft on the exhaust side is Balance effect); no risk of horizontal motor cantilever, high reliability; avoid the influence of screw rotor, spool valve, motor rotor weight on matching accuracy, improve reliability; good assembly process. Oil-free pump screw vertical design, so that there will be no oil shortage when the compressor is running or shutting down. The lower bearing is immersed in the oil tank as a whole, and the upper bearing uses differential pressure to supply oil; the requirement for the system pressure differential is low, and in case of emergency, the bearing lubrication protection function avoids the lack of oil lubrication of the bearing, which is conducive to the opening of the unit in transitional seasons.
2. Semi-hermetic screw compressor
The motor is cooled by liquid spray, the working temperature of the motor is low and the service life is long; the open compressor uses the air cooling motor, the working temperature of the motor is high, which affects the life of the motor, and the working environment of the machine room is poor; when the motor is cooled by exhaust air, the working temperature of the motor is high, Motor life is short. Generally, the external oil separator has a large volume, but the efficiency is very high; the built-in oil separator is combined with the compressor, and the volume is small, so the effect is relatively poor. The oil separation effect of the secondary oil can reach 99.999%, which can ensure good lubrication of the compressor under various working conditions.
3. Open screw compressor
1) The compressor is separated from the motor, which makes the compressor applicable to a wider range;
2) The same compressor can be used with different refrigerants. In addition to using halogenated hydrocarbon refrigerants, ammonia can also be used as refrigerant by changing the material of some parts;
3) Motors with different capacities can be used according to different refrigerants and working conditions.