This type of air conditioner is an improvement on the traditional design concept. Its small size, high energy efficiency, no need to install, can be placed in other locations. Its working principle and characteristics are similar to those of a general central air conditioner. It contains refrigeration compressors, exhaust fans, electric heaters, evaporators, built-in air-cooled radiators and other equipment. The difference is that the chassis base of the portable air conditioner is equipped with four universal wheels to allow the air conditioner to move freely.

Principles of industrial air-conditioning refrigeration. The refrigerator converts the cold air into ultra-high-pressure liquid cold air, and then sends it to the air cooler to remove heat, and turns it into medium-temperature and high-pressure liquid cold air, so that the heating tube can blow out hot air. Liquid Freon enters the evaporator through the pipeline, the indoor space suddenly expands, the working pressure drops, and the liquid Freon will vaporize (the whole process from liquid to steam absorbs heat, and the absorption of the evaporator will also become cold. In the air conditioner machine The cooling fan blows air into the evaporator. The tube of the air conditioner blows out cold air. Water vapor impacts the evaporator. This will condense into water droplets and flow into the pipe. This is how the central air conditioner produces water. The air conditioner returns when it returns to the refrigeration compressor. Will shrink, recirculating the system.

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