Screw chillers are used in a wide range of applications, mainly in industrial applications, such as cooling in production lines such as chemicals, plastics, electroplating, pharmaceuticals, food additives, and where chilled water is required in production processes. The six components of the screw compressor, condenser, evaporator, liquid storage tank, drying filter and expansion valve are indispensable in the daily operation of the screw chiller. The screw compressor is the most important equipment in the refrigeration unit of the screw chiller unit. The function of the screw compressor is to draw refrigerant vapor from the evaporator to ensure a certain evaporation pressure in the evaporator, increase the pressure, and compress the low-pressure low-temperature refrigerant vapor into a high-pressure high-temperature superheated vapor to create at a higher temperature. Condensation conditions that transport and push the refrigerant through the system to complete the refrigeration cycle.

Sudden power failure causes the main engine to stop. Because the bypass solenoid valve fails to open, the compressor may reverse under the pressure difference of the exhaust air. At this time, the suction shutoff valve should be closed quickly. If the temperature is low during the season, first turn on the electric heater on the oil separator and start the oil pump to circulate the oil before turning it on. Normal oil level—The normal oil level in the oil separator is between the upper side oil sight and the lower oil mirror. This should be guaranteed before each start. The oil level may drop after starting, but when it is low, the liquid The position switch can give the model and automatically stop. The operator should pay attention to whether the oil level is suitable and replenish oil if necessary.