Welcome to the world of supercharged supermarkets, where innovation meets efficiency with Danfoss condensing units. Discover the groundbreaking technology behind our condensing units, designed to revolutionize refrigeration systems in supermarkets and enhance energy efficiency.
Danfoss condensing units are at the forefront of the refrigeration industry, delivering unparalleled performance and sustainability. Our units are equipped with advanced features and intelligent controls that optimize the refrigeration process, ensuring precise temperature control, reduced energy consumption, and minimized environmental impact.
One of the key innovations in our condensing units is variable speed technology. This intelligent feature allows the unit to adapt the compressor speed according to the refrigeration load, matching the exact cooling demands of the supermarket. By running at optimum speeds, the unit significantly reduces energy consumption and provides superior temperature stability.
Another remarkable feature of Danfoss condensing units is the integration of electronic expansion valves (EEVs). These valves precisely regulate the flow of refrigerant, optimizing system performance and ensuring efficient cooling across various load conditions. The EEVs enable faster response times, better temperature control, and enhanced system reliability.
The innovation doesn't stop there. Our condensing units also incorporate advanced monitoring and control systems. Through integrated sensors and advanced algorithms, the units continuously monitor key parameters such as temperature, pressure, and energy consumption. Real-time data allows for proactive system optimization, predictive maintenance, and remote monitoring, ensuring optimal performance and minimizing downtime.
Danfoss condensing units are designed with sustainability in mind. By incorporating eco-friendly refrigerants and energy-saving technologies, our units contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and operating costs. We are committed to developing solutions that align with global environmental standards, helping supermarkets reduce their carbon footprint and embrace a more sustainable future.
Furthermore, our condensing units are engineered for easy installation, maintenance, and serviceability. Compact designs, modular configurations, and user-friendly interfaces make them ideal for both new installations and retrofit projects. Simplified access to components and smart diagnostic capabilities ensure efficient service and minimize downtime, keeping supermarket operations running smoothly.

Supermarket And C-Store Medium Temp Inverter Condensing Unit
Supermarket and C-store Medium Temp Inverter Condensing Unit
■Product characteristics
●The Danfoss brand scroll compressor is selected,equipped with a crankcase heater,some of the models can be powered by single phase 220V.
●Filters, sight glasses and pressure switches are all Danfoss products.
●The condenser uses inner threaded copper tube, which enlarges the heat exchange area, and is equipped with adjustable speed fan.
●The unit is equipped with a microcomputer controller, which adjusts the running state according to the actual cooling requirement and ensures the safe and efficient operation of the system.
●Fully enclosed sound insulation design of the box body, the fan can adjust speed and run more quietly.
●Low temperature environment components are optional and can be operated stably in cold areas.
●Compressor and condenser can be made into two boxes according to the requirements to reduce the size and meet the rigorous installation conditions.