The condenser is a component of the entire air conditioning system. Its function is to transfer the heat in the pipe to the air near the pipe in a fast way. Most cars are placed in front of the water tank. A device that turns into a liquid.

It has applications in many industries. It is better to say that power plants use many condensers to condense the steam discharged from turbines; in refrigeration plants, condensers are used to condense refrigeration vapors such as ammonia and freon. In the petrochemical industry, condensers are used to condense hydrocarbons and other chemical vapors. In the distillation process, the device that the column condenser converts the vapor into a liquid is called a condenser. All condensers operate by taking away the heat of gas or vapor.

The shells of water-cooled condensers and shell-and-tube condensers are normally hot in the upper half and warm in the lower half. Due to the lack of refrigerant, its entire case is not too hot under abnormal conditions. In the other case, the whole case is very hot, mainly due to insufficient cooling water or poor heat dissipation.

Under normal circumstances, the appearance of the casing is very hot. The reason is that the amount of cooling water is too small or the heat dissipation effect is poor.

The normal temperature condition of the condenser is that the first half of the heat pipe is very hot, and its temperature has a slow and gradually decreasing balance. The degree of thermal sensation in the second half of the heat pipe is greatly reduced compared to the first half. This is because the refrigerant in the second half of the pipe has gradually liquefied and has reached the condensation temperature and the supercooling temperature.

When abnormal conditions occur, the first half is not too hot, and the second half is close to normal temperature. The reason is that the compressor absorbs wet steam refrigerant or the amount of refrigerant is insufficient. The other is that the entire condensing tube is very hot, which is caused by too much cooling or ventilation, or high ambient temperature.