The heat pump adopts the principle of “reverse Carnot cycle”, also called steam compression refrigeration system. It is divided into three categories according to the source of heat and cold: air source, water source and ground source.

Air energy heat pump means that the heat source is derived from air, that is, it absorbs heat from the air or discharges it into the air. Such products include: air conditioners, air-cooled (heat pump) chillers, VRV multi-line, air energy water heaters, air energy heat pump heaters, refrigerators, cold storage and other products. Air conditioners belong to a large class of air energy, which is a small air energy. Branching, that is to say air can contain air conditioning, but the range is wider and wider than air conditioning.

But now, generally speaking, the air source or air source heat pump or air energy refers to the unit that can be used in the form of hot water, heating, heating and cooling, and drying. It is consistent with the name that is now customary. Now say The air energy heat pump refers to this kind of product. The air energy heat pump and air conditioner belong to the same category of products, all from the principle of “anti-Carnot cycle”. Then, what is the principle of “anti-Carnot cycle”?

Reverse Carnot Cycle Schematic

The "anti-Carnot cycle" consists of two isothermal processes and two adiabatic processes. The low-temperature low-pressure liquid refrigerant enters the evaporator and absorbs a large amount of heat from the air. The refrigerant after the endothermic heat enters the compressor in a gaseous form, and is adiabatically compressed into a high-temperature and high-pressure gaseous refrigerant into the condensation. The isothermal heat is released to the cold water entering the condenser, and the cold water is heated and sent to the user end for heating or bathing, and the refrigerant becomes a high-temperature and high-pressure liquid into the throttling device, and the adiabatic expansion into a low-temperature and low-pressure liquid state. Enter the evaporator and repeat it; if it is cycled, it will be cooled.