Screw chillers are a classification of industrial chillers. They can change the temperature of the surrounding environment and are widely used in food, electroplating, plastics and other production industries. So are there any precautions when using screw chillers?


1. The correct startup sequence of the screw chiller should be: first turn on the chilled water pump, then turn on the cooling water pump. After the two water circulation systems are running normally, press the start button on the control panel of the chiller. The sequence starts automatically;

2. When using the screw chiller, the refrigeration compressor can only be started after the chilled water system and the cooling water system operate normally;

3. Do not adjust the temperature of the chilled water too low. On the premise of meeting the requirements for use, adjust the chilled water temperature of the chiller as high as possible;

4. The operator overhauls and maintains the compressor according to the actual hours of use, and can run one refrigeration circuit and stop another circuit for maintenance;

5. If it is not an emergency, it is not allowed to shut down the unit by cutting off the main power supply; if a short-term shutdown is required (less than 7 days)