When the hot summer comes, in order to better bring a comfortable natural environment to the workers of the processing plant, many factories may choose to use industrial air conditioners, so as to ensure sufficient air conditioners for everyone and maintain the temperature within an effective range, Naturally, some factories will form some doubts, that is why the processing factory does not use household central air conditioners but chooses this equipment.
Generally speaking, it seems that some large shopping malls and other areas will use household central air conditioners. However, in the current industrial production industry, industrial air conditioners will be selected and applied. The key is because of such machinery and equipment, it is imported refrigeration. The unit, the heat pipe radiator and its heat exchanger, etc., are relatively small in noise. Since the processing plant is used for a long time in the application of air conditioners, it can ensure the continuous cooling of the machinery and equipment without the need for Worry about damage, etc.
In addition, the industrial air conditioner itself may be used in various places, such as some production workshops, as well as restaurant kitchens in processing plants, etc. In such places, there is not only a certain amount of dust but also the temperature is very high. When the air conditioner is assembled and used, the standard of application conditions is very high. In turn, this air conditioner can be used in such extreme conditions without worrying about damage and other conditions, so it is more durable. .
Finally, the industrial air conditioner itself is designed according to the requirements of industrial production, so it is more portable, and there is also a movable covering belt in it, so that all applications in one area can be unrestricted. Therefore, in today's industrial production industry, Only air-conditioning machines and equipment are used instead of household central air-conditioning. The factory must also select the air-conditioning machines and equipment suitable for the model and specifications according to its own real needs.

Danfoss All-IN-ONE Condensing Unit(2HP-7HP)

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Danfoss All-in-one condensing unit

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