The air cooler uses cooling water to cool the higher temperature air from the generator and then feed it to the generator. In fact, when the generator is working, the heat generated is carried away by the cooling water, and the air is only used as a medium. Install an air cooler to extend the life of the generator and increase the efficiency of the generator.

In the operation of the generator, due to the presence of current and magnetic field, iron loss and copper loss must be generated. This loss is transmitted to the winding and the iron core in the form of heat, which will cause heat. We will design the device when it is designed. The temperature to be considered is within the range. In order to prevent it from overheating and overcooling, we often use an air cooler to work well. The air cooler has a good cooling effect throughout the process, so that the generator will be used. The heat is not so high, making it function properly and extending its life.

When the generator works, there is often copper loss and iron loss. As the generator works, the temperature of the iron core and the coil will gradually increase. In order to prolong the service life of the generator, the metal hose compensator, the speed of the coil insulation aging is slowed down, so that the temperature of the coil cannot exceed a certain standard. Therefore, measures must be taken to remove the heat generated by the coil and the iron core in time to maintain the temperature of the coil insulation not exceeding the specified value. The more common cooling methods are air cooling, hydrogen cooling and water cooling. Although the effect of air cooling is poor, but the air cooling equipment is simple and reliable, so many medium and small generator sets are used.