Industrial chillers basically have more systems connected to each other. However, judging from the existing situation, which systems do chillers have? This is something that many people are more interested in.
Refrigerant circulation system
In the evaporator, the liquid smart machine itself can better absorb the heat in the water and continue to evaporate. The liquid refrigerant completely evaporates into a gaseous state and is pressed by the compressor, and the gaseous refrigerant can pass condensation The condenser continuously absorbs heat to condense into a liquid, and after being throttled by a thermal expansion valve, the condensate that becomes low temperature and low pressure enters the evaporator to complete the refrigerant circulation process.

water circulatory system

The water circulation system of the chiller is pumped out of the water tank from the pump. This is a popular cooling device. After the frozen water can take the heat away, the temperature gradually increases and then returns to freezing. In the water tank.

Electrical automatic control system

In the existing control system, if the electric equipment is to be controlled by itself, then there must be related systems. They can be contacted through the contactor and the power supply of the pump and compressor, and part of their control. Covering different combinations, it can automatically start and stop according to the water temperature, and can play a certain protective role.

Check work before running

Before the chiller is in operation, the relevant inspections can be done completely. You can connect the auxiliary power cord of the control switch that has been connected to one end to the power supply cord. When necessary, you must connect the ground terminal, otherwise it will be due to operational errors or water leakage. Cause oil leakage accidents to avoid the risk of electric shock.